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Slabs and Foundations
Cast-in-Place Structures
Architectural Concrete

Slabs and Foundations

Solid Foundation : Solid Structure

A foundation needs to stand the test of time to support the load and maintain the beauty and structural design of a building.  As a full-service concrete company, Sizelove is capable of constructing high-performance concrete foundations spanning from deep foundations, mass concrete, to post-tension slabs. We have the technical expertise to build wear-resistance slabs and foundations that will last. 

Our superintendents understand that the strength of your building starts with a well-built foundation.  We consistently deliver excellent craftsmanship and high-quality concrete slabs by ensuring quality before, during, and after the slab is poured.    Inspection throughout the site is essential to the consistent performance and reliability of the foundations we form.  

Because we have the right tools and equipment, we are fully capable of executing all sizes of structural excavations, pier operations, retaining walls, footings, and grade beams. We will meet your build schedule with unprecedented quality and attention to detail. 

Cast-in-Place Structures

The right equipment with the right people equals quality work

Cast-in-place provides many benefits to a structure.  With its high level of strength, resistance to structural damage, a high degree of insulation, and versatility, it is appropriate for standard homes and architecturally ambitious projects. 

As a turnkey concrete contractor, our team can construct any low-rise to mid-rise cast-in-place structural concrete frames.  Sizelove is a self-performing team that can execute all aspects of a concrete project, including cast-in-place columns, pour walls, sheer walls, elevated structures, and anything in between.  We also handle post-tension parking structures, slab on precast parking structures, tilt-up construction, and all towering mobile crane holstering.

Elevated slabs:

  • Post-tension slabs
  • Conventional reinforced slabs
  • Pan slabs
  • Flat slabs
  • Beam and plate slabs


Bringing beauty to your commercial outdoor space

As a comprehensive end-to-end concrete construction firm, Sizelove has tenured capability in creating high-end concrete finishes.  Our experienced superintendents and field team can offer highly decorative, and detail-oriented service to transform any exterior space into a functional area for all to enjoy.  We give extra determination and grit to provide our client and end-consumer with the best possible hardscape project. 

Hardscape services include but not limited to:

  • Sidewalks
  • Pedestrian plazas
  • Planter walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Paver bases
  • Stair systems
  • Drive lanes
  • Other Architectural concrete features

Architectural Concrete

Exquisite Craftsmanship through high-quality designs

Architectural concrete is a premium product that requires exacting building standards and craftsmanship.  Permanently exposed concrete by design integrates form and function for all to enjoy. Each complex project begins with special care of concrete materials, forming, placing, and finishing to procure the desired architectural outcome. Many business owners, developers, and architects who want decorative concrete features, such as stamped concrete, enjoy a broad design potential.  At Sizelove, our team is highly capable of taking on the complexity of this feat. We can show you many examples of work and satisfied clients we have served over the years. 

Finishes that leave a lasting impression:

  • Textured finished
  • Colored concrete
  • Sandblasted concrete
  • Stamped concrete
  • Polishing
  • Engraving

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