Our process at Sizelove Construction is conducted to build lasting relationships, execute excellent work, and create a safe environment for our employees to produce high-quality concrete construction on time and on budget.

Sizelove understands that every project is unique and recognizes the close relationship between design and construction. Our construction team will be able to help identify activities and resources to make the design a reality. Our advantage is due to years of working with the same engineers and architects in the DFW metroplex. They rely on our expertise with structural concrete, understand and trust our work ethics, and are confident in our contribution to the budgeting process.

At Sizelove, we can help determine project feasibility, and provide input for developing realistic estimates, budgets, and schedules. We value fairness and transparency and know that a Bad budget can lead to delayed decisions and unwanted changes. All inclusions and exclusions are listed for each project. We provide full disclosure for our scope of work and will always honor our bid.

At Sizelove we have over 35 years of working alongside general contractors, engineers, and designers to identify unnecessary costs in the design and construction. If necessary, we can propose alternative designs or construction technology to reduce cost without sacrificing concrete quality or performance requirements. Many clients appreciate our ability to help them succeed by thinking outside the box and helping them solve problems to stay on budget.

We offer clients a one-stop experience for all things concrete, providing all material, such as rebar, concrete, and miscellaneous items. We have the staff, equipment, and knowledge to supply, form, place, and finish all your concrete components on time and on budget. From inception to completion, everyone is determined to produce excellent work to ensure customer satisfaction.

We take pride in our strong reputation for customer satisfaction because we are quality- oriented and collaborative in our approach. We execute our part well and know how to work together with others on projects to help the general contractor’s team stay on schedule and within scope.

Each tenured project manager provides high-levels of attention to detail, quality control, and timely project completion. They understand the importance of constant communication throughout the project’s life, developing comprehensive schedules, managing resources, and providing in-depth solutions.

Commitment to Safety:

“Safety is top priority, and it’s our job to make sure everyone is safe.”

– Senior Project Manager

Sivelove Safe - it's the only way we build.

Our safety program is a high priority for management and field employees. It is a standard for our corporate culture, and the well-being of our employees is paramount.

Our everyday-goal is for our Sizelove team to go home to their families. For this to happen, all employees have on-going training on safe construction environments for themselves and others. We consistently demonstrate our commitment to safety through daily job hazard analysis and tool-box talks. Our Quality control team goes from job to job, making sure each environment is safe. The recognition of hazards and how to mitigate them before they are a threat is vital to a successful day, and a project’s outcome.